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Life isn’t pleasant when we cant fall asleep easily, and a lack of sleep can result in mood swings and weight issues. Olympian Labs Melatonin may help restore your natural sleeping pattern so you get the rest you need.

Melatonin is a hormone produced in the body and secreted at night. Taken as a dietary supplement, it is designed to help combat restless nights and may also be helpful for jet-lag and time zone changes. Olympian Labs Melatonin works to enhance the amount of natural melatonin produced by the body during sleeping hours.


The best time to take Olympian Labs Melatonin is up to 20 minutes before bedtime.

Olympian Labs Melatonin, for the rest you need!

Available in:
1 mg Liquid – (Alcohol free & Kid Friendly)
5 mg Fast Dissolve/Chewable Tablets (Fruit Punch flavor)
10 mg Time Release, Maximum Strength Vegan Tablets

Olympian Labs Melatonin Benefits Include:
Pharmaceutical Grade
Drug Free
Fall Asleep Faster*
Supports Restful Sleep*
May Reduce Jet Lag*

Dosage: 5 mg
Servings: 60
Size: 60 Tablets

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