Vitamin B-12 is beneficial in maintaining high energy levels and a healthy nervous system. In addition to helping boost your mood and immune system, you may also find an increase in your ability to concentrate on tasks. Vitamin B-12 is also involved in forming healthy red blood cells, and turning the food we eat into energy to power our metabolism.

Olympian Labs Vitamin B-12 Methyl cobalamin is active and easily absorbed by the body. This is the most highly concentrated form of Vitamin B-12, making Methyl cobalamin a very potent antioxidant. Our fruit punch chewable tablet yields one of the highest assimilation possible.

Get some Olympian Labs Vitamin B-12 Methyl cobalamin for the next time you are feeling tired and need a natural lift!

Olympian Labs Vitamin B-12 Methyl cobalamin benefits Include:
Boosts Energy & Mood Levels*
Brain Cell & Nervous System Support*
Concentration & Focus Support*
Immune System Support*
Healthy Red Blood Cell Production Support*
Superior & Concentrated Form of Vitamin B-12*
Chewable Tablet

Dosage: 500 mcg
Servings: 60
Size: 60 Tablets