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Wanting to get more out of your workout? Sore from a tough day at the gym? Olympian Labs Agmatine Sulfate can help you recuperate faster, allow you to get back to your workout quicker, and build more muscle.

Olympian Labs Agmatine Sulfate helps to induce production of and drive nitric oxide (NO) and other nutrients into muscles, which can increase vasodilation in your muscles. The benefits of the increase muscle pump give you greater endurance and improved contractive efforts of muscles resulting in superior effectiveness of exercise. Agmatine Sulfate also enhances insulin production, with exercise, leading to a better insulin response from the body. This can allow for more positive effects in attaining body composition goals. Better insulin response means a harder, leaner, and more muscular body.

In studies, Agmatine Sulfate has also been shown to have pain and stress-fighting effects and aids in post-workout recovery.

Olympian Labs Agmatine Sulfate Benefits Include:
Helps Increase Lean Muscle Mass*
Helps Decrease Recovery Time*
May Increase Nitric Oxide (NO) Production to Improve Muscle Pumps*

Dosage: 500 mg
Servings: 30
Size: 60 Capsules

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