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BCAA Keto is a proprietary 3:1:1 blend that supports optimum muscle health and strength while maximizing athletic performance. Additionally, Olympian Labs BCAA Keto may increase the results of exercise and aid in quicker muscle recovery following exercise.

Since BCAAs by-pass the liver, they are quickly metabolized and available to be processed by muscles to maximize performance and aid in speedy recovery following exercise. To assist with muscle recovery BCAAs modifies the pattern of exercise-related cytokine production. Cytokine creates an immune system response to the muscles being exercised and stimulates cells to move towards those muscles to help repair the muscle for faster recovery.

BCAAs cant be made by the body and must be obtained through diet and supplementation. In addition to the benefits of faster muscle recovery following exercise, BCAAs also supports greater energy, and is an important fuel source for muscles during exercise to help with your endurance. Research shows that individuals with higher BCAA intake have lower rates of obesity, lower body weight and better body composition.

BCAA’s should be taken with water before and after training and can be taken with a pre-workout or post-workout supplement.

Olympian Labs BCAA KETO Benefits Include:
May Increase Endurance*
Supports Quicker Muscle Recovery*
May Reduce Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness*

Purpose: Muscle Growth, Endurance, Recovery

Dosage: 3500 mg
Servings: 30
Size: 90 Tablets

Take It: Pre-workout, Post-workout