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Phosphatidylserine is key to maintaining a healthy mind and your phosphatidylserine levels in the brain can decline with age. This increases the importance to supplement daily with phosphatidylserine to aid brain function, sharpen mental focus, and help improve memory.

Research suggests daily doses of phosphatidylserine shows improvements in short-term auditory memory, inattention and impulsivity.

Young adults seeking to maintain a sharp mind would also benefit from Phosphatidylserine. If you are a student it may also help control stress as well as help support learning, comprehension, and word recall.

Get Olympian Labs Phosphatidylserine today and start doing something great for your brain health!

Olympian Labs Phosphatidylserine Benefits Include:
Helps with Mental Focus & Memory*
Stress Management*
Allergen Free – Non-GMO

Dosage: 100 mg
Servings: 60
Size: 60 Softgels

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