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With todays eating habits its not surprising that most people are not getting adequate calcium from the foods they eat. This, combined with the fact that with advancing age our bodies do not naturally make enough calcium to support a healthy body, a calcium and D3 supplement is often beneficial.

Olympian Labs Coral Calcium is 100% pure marine Calcium. Marine coral has shown that it is composed of a biological 2:1 Calcium/Magnesium ratio, Sodium, Potassium, over 70 natural marine trace minerals, and many other microscopic elements that may be essential to our overall wellbeing.

The coral granules used for Olympian Labs Coral Calcium are responsibly harvested from the natural action of the tides and waves, then carefully processed into capsules.

Coral Calcium has a natural pH range of 10 -11 and has an alkalizing effect on the body. With our daily food consumption frequently being high in acid, coral calcium helps keep the pH level of our body fluids in sync, promoting a healthy body naturally and effectively.

Olympian Labs Coral Calcium is made with a specialty enzyme blend with Amylase, Protease, Lipase, and Cellulase for greater absorption.

Available in 90 and 270 capsule counts

Olympian Labs Coral Calcium Benefits Include:
Supports Healthy Bones and Joints*
Supports Muscle and Nerve Function*
May Help Balance the Body’s Normal pH Levels*

Dosage: 1g
Servings: 30
Size: 90 Capsules

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