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Cal 2 Go is a convenient and portable way to get your Calcium on the go.

Breakdown of bone tissue becomes more common as we age. Calcium Plus is made from a unique form of Calcium Carbonate, the most studied form of calcium. Receiving the daily recommended dose of Calcium and Vitamin D, promotes healthy bones.

The majority of women and men ages 65 and older in North America are Vitamin D deficient, leading to bone decay. Olympian Labs Calcium Plus advanced blend gives you the daily recommended dose of both Calcium and Vitamin D so you are covered with one serving. Calcium has been shown to play a significant role in promoting bone health and preventing the breakdown of bone tissue.

No more swallowing a large Calcium pill. Olympian Labs Calcium Plus is a flavorless powder that dissolves readily into beverages and may be sprinkled on a breakfast food of your choice.

Olympian Labs Calcium 2 GO Benefits Include:
Supports Healthy Bones, Muscles, Nerves and Teeth*
Helps maintain a healthy colon*
Made with Vitamin D for better absorption
Easy Digestion while being Gentle on the Stomach*
Flavorless Powder mixes easily with foods or beverages
Convenient Portable On the Go Packets*

Dosage: 1000 mg
Servings: 30
Size: 30 Packets

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