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Dosage: 750 mg
Servings: 100
Size: 100 Capsules


Even a balanced diet doesn’t provide all the nutrients we need when we are working out a lot. Olympian Labs ESR (Endurance Strength Recovery) is a sports nutrition and anti-aging product, containing two amino acids in a specific ratio that may improve your endurance and strength levels and help you recover faster.

It contains Arginine and Ornithine for increased Nitric Oxide (NO) production, which causes blood vessels to dilate or expand, allowing greater blood flow to working muscles, pushing up your endurance and performance levels. With increase circulation, Olympian Labs ESR helps to deliver more oxygen, blood and nutrients to recovering muscles. Additionally, Arginine and Ornithine paired together also promotes muscle build and metabolism of fat.

As the body ages, strength and muscularity begin to decline. Studies suggest that by helping to elevate growth hormone levels, ornithine may speed the production of muscle tissue helping to maintain youthful protein synthesis within cells resulting in development of more lean muscle mass. The liver and immune system require ornithine to function properly, as it assists in ammonia detoxification and liver rejuvenation.

Get Olympian Labs ESR today and help increase your endurance and strength levels and recover easier!

Olympian Labs Performance Sports Nutrition ESR (Endurance Strength Recovery) Benefits Include:
Supports Muscle Growth & Repair*
Promotes Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Production*
Aids Fat & Protein Metabolism*

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Gluten Free, Allergen Free

Purpose: Muscle Growth, Recovery

Take It: Daily