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Olympian Labs ProsPlex for Men is a natural formulation containing nutrients that may support prostate health. Key ingredients include Saw Palmetto and Zinc, which have been researched in numerous studies. Also included in ProsPlex for Men is Pumpkin Seed and IP-6 (a vitamin-like substance found in animals and many plants) which research suggests may help manage inflammation and act as a potent antioxidant.

The additional powerful antioxidants such as Quercetin and Lycopene in Olympian Labs ProsPlex for Men may help to remove potentially damaging free radicals from the body and may aid the immune system.

Get some ProsPlex for Men and know that you are doing something great for your prostate health!

Olympian Labs Pros Plex For Men Benefits may Include:
Prostate Health Support*
Supports Healthy Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Levels*
Powerful Antioxidants*

Allergen Free

Servings: 30
Size: 60 Capsules