POLICOSANOL – 10mg – 60 Servings


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Looking to maintain proper levels of LDL (low-density lipoprotein or “bad”) cholesterol?

Policosanol by Olympian Labs is an all- natural supplement derived from sugar cane which may help to maintain healthy cholesterol production in the liver.

Studies suggest that Policosanol may also decrease the stickiness of particles in the blood which may help reduce blood clots. If you are having leg aches due to poor circulation, Policosanol may help ease some of this discomfort by promoting healthy circulation.

Get some Policosanol from Olympian Labs and start doing something great for your heart.

Healthy Cholesterol Support*
Supports Cardiovascular Health*
Antioxidant Properties

Dosage: 10 mg
Servings: 60
Size: 60 Capsules