PEPPERMINT OIL – 2 fl. oz Bottle


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Energy & Invigoration Aid

Let the aroma of Peppermint Oil awaken your senses so you feel energized and invigorated. The strong, clean, fresh, minty scent can be used to help improve your concentration and mental sharpness. Some even find it beneficial on long drives to help stay alert & fight exhaustion.

Its main constituent is menthol, which imparts the remarkable cooling sensation, when tasted or touched.

Olympian Labs 2oz Peppermint Essential Oil
Aromatherapy & Health Properties:

Stimulate Senses, Digestive Aid, Clear Congestion, Soothe, Remove Odors

Suggested Use:
For aromatic or topical use
Add 2-3 drops to a bowl of hot water to inhale aromatherapy steam
Add several drops to carrier oil or lotion, massage onto temples, chest and abdomen
Add several drops to spray bottle for natural air freshener in home or car

100% American Mentha Piperita. Twice rectified, meets specifications established by the Food Chemical Codex & National Formulary (NF).