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Dosage: 500 mg
Servings: 30
Size: 30 Softgels


Wanting to improve the quality of the Omega-3 supplements that you take daily? Interested in increasing the amount of astaxanthin per dose in order to improve cardiovascular health and triglyceride levels in one easy-to-take softgel?

Try Olympian Labs Krill Oil One A Day for a natural antioxidant including Vitamin A. These antioxidants are more powerful than beta-carotene, lycopene, and lutein. Its tremendous absorption power supports mood, concentration, joint, and heart health.

Olympian Labs Krill Oil One A Day, combined with antioxidants benefits us on multiple levels. These antioxidants work by targeting your heart & brain, supporting cardiovascular health, healthy triglyceride levels, & lower blood pressure while supporting cognitive brain function.

Fatty acids from krill act in synergy with other natural anti-inflammatory compounds such as Omega-3s. Krill may help treat stiffening joint tissue by neutralizing pro-inflammatory activity.

Get some Olympian Labs Krill Oil today.

Olympian Labs Krill Oil – One A Day Benefits Include:
Supports a Healthy Heart*
Supports Circulatory, Heart & Joint Health*
Support Cognitive Brain Function*
Fortified with Astaxanthin
EPA: 75mg
DHA: 45mg
Single Softgel Daily Dose

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