GRAPE SEED EXTRACT – 120 mg – 100 capsules


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One of our most popular products, Grape Seed Extract has high levels of antioxidants for the circulatory system. Grape Seed Extract is known to be roughly 20 times more powerful than Vitamin C and about 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E as an antioxidant.

Olympian Labs Grape Seed Extract is processed through a low-temperature water extraction method, is completely water soluble, and free of dangerous solvents and additives. Increased water solubility equals greater bioavailability. It is easily absorbed into the bloodstream and has even been shown to cross the blood-brain barrier, thus providing protection to the brain, its vessels, and the entire central nervous system.

Grape Seed Extract effectively helps neutralize free radicals, which in turn, reduce the incidence of cellular degenration. Grape Seed Extract also acts as a natural anti-histamine, and helps maintain healthy immune function.

Olympian Labs Grape Seed Extract Benefits Include:
Antioxidant Protection*
Cardiovascular & Circulatory Support*
High Bioavailability*

Dosage: 120 mg
Servings: 100
Size: 100 Capsules

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