Dosage: 2 lb.
Servings: 30
Size: 1 Pound


Olympian Labs Bone Broth Protein Plus is an excellent source of protein that contains naturally occurring nutrients such as collagen, gelatin, glucosamine and chondroitin. All essential for bone and joint health. OL’s Bone Broth Protein Plus is a natural bone broth, contains no harsh chemicals or additives.

This unique formula is fortified with prebiotics and probiotics for a superior aide in gut health and helps boost the immune system.

Prebiotic is food for the probiotics and helps nourish the good bacteria to maximize their effectiveness.

Probiotics are friendly bacteria that play an important role in digestion, restoring a healthy intestinal balance, a proper metabolism, healthy colon environment, overall health, and the immune system.

The digestive enzyme blend promotes optimal digestion for better absorption and greater Bioavailability.

Olympian Labs Bone Broth Protein Plus Benefits Include:
20 g Chicken Bone Broth Protein Concentrate per serving
Type I, II, III Collagen
Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free, Soy-Free
0 Trans Fat
Source of Beneficial Amino Acids
Highly Soluble
Paleo Acceptable
Diabetic Friendly